Por Luis Adrián Vargas Santiago


    List of Figures.

    Introduction. Uncontainable Zapata.

    - Likeness or Presence?

    - A Note on Methods and Scope.

    * Iconicity.
    * Religiosity.
    * Visual Diaspora.
    * State of the Field.
    * Organization.

    Chapter One. From Man to Icon in Revolutionary Mexico.

    - An Iconic Portrait: The Revolutionary Charro.

    - The Indian Bandit: Constructing the Enemy.

    - Zapatismo and the Religion of Land.

    - The Birth of a Martyr.

    Chapter Two. The Gospel According to Diego: Official Afterlives of Zapata’s Icon

    - The State’s Religion of Mestizaje and the Rejection of Zapata.

    - A Political Maelstrom: The Rise of an Icon.

    - The Specter of Zapata: Political Uses of the Hero under Calles.

    - Indian Zapata Lands in MoMA.

    Chapter Three. U.S. Scatterings, Trivializations, and Expropriations of an Icon: Zapata and the Chicana/o Movement.

    - A Backdrop for Chicano Zapata.

    - Founding El Movimiento.

    - Tierra o Muerte: Zapata in New Mexico.

    - Zapata in California: The Formation of Chicana/o Nationalism.

    Conclusion. Back to Chiapas.






Luis Adrián Vargas Santiago.
Uncontainable Zapata. Iconicity,
Religiosity, and Visual Diaspora.
Universidad de Texas en Austin.
Tesis para obtener el Doctorado en Filosofía.
Austin, Texas, Estados Unidos,
2015. 392pp.